pricing software

for real estate development

MAXIFY helps developers sell each apartment with +8,9% benefit thanks to machine learning, multi-factor optimization and analysis of every transaction

What is dynamic pricing?

A pricing model that helps you drive spectacular results by efficiently combining analysis of each transaction, intelligent price strategies, and artificial intelligence.

  • Optimize your pricing
  • Automate routine tasks
  • Eliminate human errors
  • Achieve growth with our cutting-edge dynamic pricing solution.

The model gives businesses more control over their pricing strategies and helps reduce costs in the long run.

Why you should use dynamic pricing software

Although dynamic pricing is a highly efficient approach, it would be quite challenging to handle all the processes manually, because dynamic price management means 24/7 real time consumer behaviour analysis. You can streamline this task with the help of the right tool. Our advanced dynamic pricing software automates the entire process and provides you with precise data from reliable data sources, which you can use to set prices.

Dynamic pricing software is especially helpful in managing products with fluctuating demand. Maxify is a dynamic pricing management software tool focused on real estate price optimization. Its main goal is growing your revenue and profit with the assistance of artificial intelligence.

How Maxify works

Twenty major development companies participated in the research we conducted from 2017 to 2020 to test our automated pricing tool. The results exceeded our expectations — we saw that mathematical models based on consumer psychology had immense potential for growing developers’ revenue and profit.

We discovered four key opportunities for developers to earn more with automated price optimization management, and made these insights the backbone of Maxify’s algorithms.

Starting prices calculation

Our smart dynamic pricing engine sets initial prices with a high level of differentiation.

Dynamic recalculation

Maxify automatically recalculates the price of each individual apartment with the set frequency and pre-selected triggers.

End-to-end integration

Maxify dynamic pricing software exchanges price and sales data with developer accounting systems via APIs.

Data visualization

The tool provides clear and comprehensive visualisation of the asset value and revaluation results.

Learn how to maximize developer profits

Our high-performance dynamic pricing platform can save you
thousands of hours and drive millions of euro additional profit.

What you get

A dynamic pricing model powered by price management software offers a range of substantial benefits to your business. With Maxify, you get:

Real time price calculation

Eliminating over-discounting and inconsistencies

Accurate forecasts based on real time pricing analytics

Long-term revenue and profit growth

Valuable insights into customer behavior

What our customers are saying

Once we were convinced of the effectiveness of Maxify, we integrated it into the digital ecosystem SAGA Development through BAS ERP, where sales departments receive information about prices. In the pilot mode, the exchange of data on transactions and the download of updated prices was carried out manually by the operator, which took up all the working time of one employee and sometimes led to technical errors. To simplify and speed up the process, we have integrated systems through the rest API. At present, all systems work stable, without any complaints

Artem Volkhonskyi, Director of Digital Transformation SAGA Development

SAGA Development is a new generation real estate developer focused on rapid growth and state-of-the-art technological solutions. Every year our portfolio is replenished with new large-scale projects. We attract large investors and landlords, and therefore have to demonstrate maximum efficiency and profitability compared to competitors.

A few years ago, we faced the issue of fast and efficient pricing management. We decided to try the Maxify – dynamic price management system, which helps to maximize profits.

We have been using Maxify for 2 years now. Dynamic pricing provided an increase in profit from the planned average of 16%, in some facilities achieved an increase in profit to 30%.

We are quite satisfied with the product and plan to use it in the future when we resume our work after the war.

Oksana Voinalovych, CEO of SAGA Development

A few years ago, we faced a systemic problem in selling real estate: sales departments quickly sold the most liquid apartments, and due to a large number of objects in the portfolio, we didn’t have time to respond to demand and raise prices for lots in demand. We focused on general market trends and raised prices every 2-3 months – this was not enough. To solve this problem, we have implemented Maxify automatic intelligent pricing management system in our facilities.

We started the implementation of Maxify in February 2020 with a pilot project in the RYBALSKY residential area. Currently, intelligent pricing management is carried out by selling 30 houses in 12 projects.

The sales department quickly adapted to the new pricing system. The fact of frequent price changes helped speed up the customer’s decision-making process. Due to the risk of price increases of 1-3% during the decision-making period, the duration of the transaction decreased by 20%.

Thanks to Maxify’s intelligent pricing system, customers receive discounts much less often, and companies manage to sell objects 25-30% more than competitors without slowing down sales.

Herman Chernikov, Sales Director of SAGA Development

Without any doubt, Maxify is highly efficient pricing optimization software, number one tool for successfully pursuing the dynamic pricing strategy. This dynamic pricing software combines in-depth real time market analysis with intelligent price management mechanisms. This pricing system helps us carry out scalable pricing actions, allowing us to set specific pricing objectives that reflect our business goals. All in all, Maxify is our perfect partner for improving pricing strategy and execution.

Peter Schliemann, Pricing Manager